MQS Project Quality Managers are available as in-house representatives assigned to manage all aspects of quality assurance.
These experienced managers will coordinate and specify inspection and third party monitoring services as well as design an inspection program specific to each region of operation.

The manager will communicate and work in conjunction with third party providers to ensure that all equipment delivered to your rig or well-site has been held in compliance to the level of excellence demanded by your custom quality plan unique to each type of component. A Quality Project Manager will also serve as a single point of contact between an operators engineering and asset team and any third party monitors in the field. The manager will coordinate, support and review all work completed in the field as well as prepare regularly distributed technical reports summarizing findings, action items and recommendations stemming from the implementation of quality objectives and execution of inspection and monitoring services Quality Project Managers will be tasked with personally conducting vendor and supplier audits on behalf of the operator as well as coordinating any additional audits or quality management system related needs by leveraging the MQS team available for manager support. Additionally, managers will work in conjunction with MQS engineering personnel to conduct comprehensive failure analysis services as required in support of the operator.

It is the goal of Metis Quality Services for Quality Managers to seamlessly operate as a member of the operator’s team, focused solely on serving as another tool designed to ensure success and mitigate the damage incurred by our clients stemming from non-compliant equipment and services.