• HSSE Services

We offer risk mitigation and enhancement of the permanence of operational safety through reducing the likelihood and consequences of incidents.
We believe that effectively managing risk by developing and implementing practical solutions is vital to improving productivity and quality across all business fronts.

MQS and its partners have developed an HSSE framework that will enable your company to mitigate risk and maximize productivity, while fostering worker competency and satisfaction. We will facilitate the identification of safety and security needs, analyze current capabilities, develop near and long term strategies, and assist in the implementation of those strategies to best benefit your operation. We will integrate into and interact with your staff and management personnel to better understand the individual needs of each and every customer.

MQS offers a full suite of HSSE Services including but not limited to:

➢ HSSE Consultancy
      • Integrated HSE Management Systems Design, assessment and implementation
      • Onsite HSSE Professionals
      • Security Vulnerability Assessments
      • Business Continuity Planning
      • Emergency Response / Preparedness Studies
      • Process Design HSE Reviews
      • Regulatory Compliance and Support
      • Incident Investigation
      • Incident Analysis, including Root Cause and Tri-Pod Beta
      • Technical Authoring of Operating/Maintenance Procedures
      • Management of Change (MOC) System Design and Implementation
      • Regulatory Compliance Audits
      • HSE Metrics Development and Consulting

➢ Risk and Technical Safety
      • HSE Case Development
      • Hazard Identification Studies
      • Bow tie Analysis
      • Formal Risk Assessment
      • Management System Analysis
      • Environmental Impact Studies
      • Verification and Certification
      • Reliability and Maintenance Management
      • Asset Integrity Demonstration

➢ Training Services
      • Occupational Safety Training
      • Safety Culture Evaluation, Training and Organizational Change
      • HSE Training Programs and Competence Assurance.